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Thursday19 October 2017


NEMA and Light International School

The National Environment Management Authority(NEMA), and Light International School are working together to bring you The 8th Edition of Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad in Nairobi. NEMA is the major body of used by the Government of Kenya to champion the implementation of all policies relating to the environment. It is the largest government body that deals with issues related to environmental sustainability and management. Having the same objective and desire for the best possible environment has led teams from both NEMA and our team here at Golden Climate Olympiad to seek the guidance of each other through collaboration to organize the Golden Climate Olympiad.

With this collaboration, we are looking to reach a wider and diverse audience and to attract them to bring as onboard different ideas that can work together in increasing environmental awareness, promoting education and knowledge sharing in different capacities and combining our different ideas to making a better, healthier environment. 

Join us for this journey in 2018 by participating in the 8th edition of Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad.

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