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Monday19 February 2018



The colorful exhibitions ceremony for the 4th edition of the Golden Climate Olympiad 2014 was opened officially by the Cabinet Secretary to the Ministry of Education Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi on 30th April 2014. The event hosted over 250 students from 26 countries at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

Professor Kaimenyi stressed that the role of the youth in environmental sustainability is critical because young people are the most important building blocks of the future. They are an important source of creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, and drivers of social change.

He commended Golden Climate for its role in instilling creativity among primary and secondary school students  to enable them become stewards of environmental sustainability, and also added that “As we prepare our children for the future, we should also prepare the future for our children.”


 The photos of the Exhibition ceremony can be viewed and be downloaded HERE.