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Monday19 February 2018



The economy of the world has always relied on Agriculture. The Industrial Revolution and even the current Information Age relies on agriculture pro feed its populations and create productive people in all other areas of the economy. Agricultural projects are for those students who wish to explore anything related to Agriculture in Africa and other third world nations. However, students are welcome to do projects on agriculture outside the scope of Africa and the Third-World.

Food production and conservation is a major challenge in Africa and other third-world countries. The projects in this category should present ideas that give an insight into agricultural problems in Africa and their possible solutions.

In most African countries, agriculture supports the survival and well-being of up to 70 percent of the population. Thus, for many, their livelihoods are directly affected by environmental changes, both sudden and gradual, which impact on agricultural productivity. More than 200 million people rely on their livestock for income (sales of milk, meat, skins) and draught power. Overall, livestock contributes about 30 percent of the gross value of agricultural production in Africa..

The irony is that, despite the majority of the total labor force working in agriculture, the region is still unable to feed its growing population.

About 70 percent of Africa’s poor, and at least two-thirds of its population, live in rural areas depending mainly on agriculture and natural resources for their livelihoods.


NB: This category is NOT only for participants from Africa only. Projects are welcome from participants all over the world. Even though the focus of this category is "Agriculture in Africa", students are welcome to present ideas that revolve around Agriculture, even if not related to Africa.