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Saturday23 September 2017


The judging process will be slightly different in GCIEPO 2017. 


 In 2017, there will be NO Inhall Judging. All projects will be assessed at the exhibition stands. Teams of judges will visit the project stands throughout the day.
They will listen to participants presenting their projects, assess the organization of the project stands, view and test project models, review the project poster
and engage students in different ways. this allows more room for face-toface interation with judges. and a fairer assessment since all jury members are able
to review each project according to the categories.


Some General Information regarding the judging process

  • Supervisors are allowed to be with their students during the project presentation and question and answer sections.
    They are however not allowed to contribute towards the presentation, or to help the student present the project.
  • All other participants are expected to be at their stands when other projects are being evaluated.
  • Members of the public/visitors will not be allowed near a project during assessment, to minimize interference.
  • Project assessment period remains the same, a maximum of 15 minutes for each project, including the question
    and answer segment. Judges can allocate the 15 minutes as they see fit for each project assessment.