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Monday19 February 2018


Below is some important information regarding Golden Climate Olympiad 2018 Edition. Read all the information and understand the content, to facilitate a smooth cooperation as you prepare for the competition.


 1st October 2017: Registration starts

27th January 2018: Project Supervisors'(Teachers') Workshop at Light International School Nairobi

19th February 2018: Registration closes 

26th February 2018: Announcement of Finalists

- 20th March 2018: Deadline to confirm participation. 

5th April 2018: Arrival of Guests 

6th April 2018: Exhibition of Projects and Judging at Light International School

7th April 2018: City Tour of Nairobi and Visit to Nairobi National Park

-8th April 2018: Culture Day at The Karen Hub Mall in Nairobi. Participants from different nationalities will showcase their culture through various items such as fashion, food, drink, snacks, music, dance, and poetry among others.
- 9th April 2018: Award Ceremony
- 10th – 11th April 2018: 
TRIPS e.g to Maasai Mara



The participation fee is USD220 per person for international participants. All participants will be accommodated in shared rooms at Light International School Campus and CORAT AFRICA Accommodation facilities in Nairobi at the rate of USD10 per night for Campus Accommodation and USD20 per night for Hotel Accommodation. Campus Accommodation is only available for male participants. 
Participation fee covers;

·   All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

·   Transport to and from the airport, and respective bus terminals for those coming from outside Kenya.

This fee will be paid via our online payment portal when confirming participation for your finalist projects. International Participants who don’t want to pay the participation fee can still attend the Golden Climate Olympiad. A fee of 50USD will be charged to cover administrative and facilitation costs. In addition, participants who do not pay the participation fee MUST make their own arrangements for accommodation and meals as well as transport to and from the event venue(s). All those accommodated at CORAT AFRICA Hotel must check out on the morning of 11th April 2018.

For participants from Kenya, accommodation will be Ksh. 1,000 per person, per night, at Light International School Campus, from 5th April to 11th April 2018  Those accommodated in the school should check out on the morning of 11th April 2018.

C)  TRANSPORT TO AND FROM AIRPORT/BUS STATION (International Participants Only)

Once you confirmed your participation from your Golden Climate account, fill-inthe Travel Information Form. This is very important as it helps us organize schedules for your pickup from your arrival point. Our pick-up teams will make arrangements and schedule the pick-ups strictly according to the information provided on your travel information form. GCIEPO 2018 organizers will not be liable for inconvenience caused due to misleading information or lack of sufficient information in the Travel Information forms.



Travel information sent to us via e-mail or phone will not be considered at all.


 It is easy to get a VISA to Kenya online, except for the countries mentioned below (Category 3 Countries). All Visa Applications will be made online via ecitizen.go.ke at the cost of 51USD.


E)  CATEGORY 3 COUNTRIES (Countries which should make VISA applications before their arrival.)

If you are a passport holder from any of the countries below, you need a referral Visa.






Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Formerly North Korea)















If you or your student(s) is a passport holder of a *Category 3 country (see in red above), you have to apply for a Visa at least a month before travelling to Kenya. You will need a clearance for this application. We shall apply for the clearance letter on your behalf to make the process faster, and in that case, we shall need the following documents;

·      High Quality scan of the bio-page of your passport.

·      High Quality passport photo on a white background. (Photos in soft copy are OK. DO NOT send scanned photos.)

·      Duly filledVisa Application Form 22.

You MUST send the documents via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 3rd March 2018. After Sending and confirming from us that all documents sent are correct, we shall send you a payment link to your email address and you will make a payment of 100USD per participant for us to start processing your Visa clearance letter from the Department Of Immigration Services.

We shall send you the clearance letter which makes you eligible to get a Visa on your arrival (Please note that the letter itself is not a Visa). YOU MUST BRING a hard copy the letter with you on your arrival at the airport. You will present this letter to the Visa Application Office at the airport, together with 50USD Visa Application Fee.


The trip(s) organized this year will be available on the website via the link below;

<<Trip Packages for GCIEPO 2018>>



In THIS LINKyou will get the following documents;

·   Code of Conduct- A general guide to the rules and regulations that MUST be observed by all participants during the competition.

·   Parental Consent Letter- A letter to be signed by the parent/guardian of each participant, showing their approval that the participant may take part in the competition.

·   Visa Application Form- to be filled by all participants and their Supervisors to enable them to get a Visa on Arrival.

You can download all relevant documents from HERE. Please bring the duly filled forms with you to the competition.

Please write to us anytime if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,


GCIEPO 2018 Organizing Committee